Social Media Marketing Salary in India

Social Media Marketing Salary in India: Manager / Executive / Analyst Level

Social Media Marketing Salary in India

On account of the fame of social media stages like Facebook and YouTube, organizations would now be able to discuss straightforwardly with their possibilities in a relatable manner. They can enhance the existences of their possibilities and acquire clients. Social media stages are incredible for brand advancement and lead age.

To utilize the stages to their best, organizations should recruit administrations of social media specialists. Digital Marketing is quite possibly the most sought after industry at this moment. Today, we will examine social media salary in India for various jobs:

Social Media Executive Salary in India

It is a section level work and generally freshers settle on it. Commonly organizations recruit assistants who have moved on from school and have finished a momentary digital marketing course. Applicant has area information yet need insight, which they acquire during their temporary position period. It is a simple passage level occupation that assists you with starting your profession in the field of Digital Marketing. The starting salary for a social media executive is 3.3 lakh per year (anyplace between 20,000 to 30,000 rupees each month). As you acquire insight, your compensation will increment too.

The salary of social media executives relies upon many elements, including area, boss, and experience. Like other social media professions, the interest for social media executives is on a steady ascent.

Job Profile of Social Media Executive

As a social media executive, you should make and advance the content your image requires.

You will likewise need to do statistical surveying and recognize the right catchphrases for the brand. Realizing social media marketing and social media advancement is an absolute necessity.

You ought to have great informative abilities since you’ll be working in a group with other social media executives. You ought to be capable in joint effort as well.

Social media executives produce content as per the content schedule of the organization and send it to the managers for criticism. They must be acquainted with every one of the social media stages and their advancement styles in light of the fact that each stage has various necessities.

They likewise need to run advertisement lobbies for brands. Aside from that, they likewise need to utilize social media the board devices like Buffer.

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Social Media Specialist Salary in India

Social media experts acquire around 4.7 lakh each year. Subsequent to getting sufficient involvement with this job, you can get elevated to the piece of the social media manager.

Digital marketing offices recruit social media experts the most.

Source – Payscale

Job Profile of Social Media Specialist

As a social media trained professional, you should regulate crafted by social media executives, deal with the social media records of the customer, and put together the undertakings of your group. Social media experts are the group chiefs and need to deal with the group of executives.

You should keep up with the record of the record’s every day exercises and investigation. You should create reports to perceive how well social media accounts are performing and what you can improve. Social media experts likewise need to ensure that their group fulfills the time constraint of the content schedule. They ought to have phenomenal correspondence, association and different abilities to run the group.

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Social Media Manager Salary India

Social media managers acquire a normal salary of Rs. 5.6 lakh each year in India. The beginning salary for these experts is around Rs. 5 lakh each year. Prepared experts in this field acquire up to 7.5 lakh each year.

The interest for social media managers is high in India due to the rising prevalence of social media stages and their applications. Many organizations perceive the upsides of utilizing social media stages. For that reason, they enlist social media managers.

Source: Payscale

Job Profile of Social Media Manager

Social media managers need to coordinate and deal with the social media exercises of the organization. They ought to have magnificent relational abilities so they can lead their group of social media experts. Their responsibility is to help the association arrive at its social media objectives.

They work with different managers of the organization to talk about the social media presence of the organization and what transforms they can make. They run social media lobbies for advancing their image.

Social media managers need to check and support each piece of content their group produces to check whether it meets the brand’s voice and objectives. They need to compose organization articulations and react to questions. That is the reason they ought to be proficient at utilizing Word reports, accounting pages, and so on

Skills Required for Social Media Marketing Job

To land great paying positions in this field (social media), you should become familiar with a couple of abilities. Having the popular abilities can assist you with bettering compensation. For instance, social media managers having Strategy abilities procure around 19% more than their companions.

Here are the abilities you ought to figure out how to get these jobs:

Social Media Marketing

You ought to be comfortable with social media marketing and its various ideas. Considering investigation, commitment, creating content thoughts are a portion of the different errands that fall under this area.

You should think about paid advancements on social media stages. You ought to likewise think about the novel prerequisites of every stage. For instance, Pinterest and Instagram both are picture based stages however differ fundamentally as far as clients and UI.

Content Management

Content administration alludes to arranging, coordinating, and making content. As a social media master, you’ll need to utilize different content devices for booking the content and advancing it on different channels.

You should realize how to make a content schedule and style guide.

Planning and Strategy

You ought to have the option to design out the content and make content procedures. What would your clients like to peruse or see? What astounding yet significant content would you be able to distribute? These are a portion of the things you should reply to make a decent content procedure.

You will likewise need to make a strong advancement procedure. What catchphrases are predominant in your intended interest group? Where do they dwell? Such inquiries will help you in recognizing your objective purchasers better.


Finding out about social media and marketing can assist you with landing rewarding positions in the business. Organizations are in critical need of social media specialists, and they pay an attractive sum for the skilled ones.

To get significant compensation, you should zero in on acquiring the necessary abilities, as we referenced previously. To acquire an upper hand in your digital marketing profession, look at upGrad’s digital marketing course with MICA.

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